Sunday, June 13, 2010


hmmmm, there should be 5 months i didn't make a post. huh, i think it's because of some exam i have to do during this semester.
i got national examination, school examination, practice examination, Gajah Mada University's entrance examination, and University of Indonesia's entrance examination.

huh, there was a tired 5 months i think, but the ending was good. i was accepted to be a student of Faculty of Economy of University of Indonesia. isn't that good?

my future will be decided in this university

and now the world cup is begin, i hope my favourite team, ENGLAND, will be the champion. but in the first match versus USA, England only get 1 point because the match ended in a draw.

World Cup 2010 South Africa

yahh, and for now i don't have a routine activity because my life in high school is going to be ended. tomorrow i have to take graduation certificate for the registration to enter the university. my memory 2 years in high school is irreplaceable. i hope i can turn back the time to the time i entered the high school and fixed my mistake in the past. huh, i think that's impossible at all


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